Do’s and Don’ts on summer festival

So, your wait for summer festival is over. Are you excited to attend the summer festival for the first time? Well, you should know some rules to attend the summer festival to avoid the nuisance and other trouble during the festival. Planning is the key to everything. You need to make a precise plan and determine what to do and what not before going to the festive. The preparation should be started before a week. As you are going to the festival for the first time, you need to be conscious of taking things together. Here I am discussing few do’s and don’ts of attending the summer festival.


Most of the festivals have own rules and regulations for the people who are attending the party. One needs to follow the rules and regulations to enjoy the party without any trouble.
Some festive essential you must take along with you to enjoy the festive thoroughly. Rain coat, sunscreen is must to take to tackle the weather. Snapback is also must to protect your head and face from excessive sun burn.

Be sure about the food facilities on the place. Most of the festive do not have any food options. So, you need to take your food along with you or should have the arrangement of cooking there. Foods which take less hassle to be prepared should be picked for festivals. Dry foods and canned foods can also be taken to make quick arrangements on the festive.
You are not allowed to take any drugs and weapon or anything which can hurt others on the party. However, taking these things one can be banned from the festivals.

On festivals, no pets are allowed. So, you can’t take your pet along with you when you are going to attend any festival. It is also better not to bring your pet on the crowd as they may get lost or other things can happen with them. So, even if there is no rules and regulations of bringing the pet, you should not take your pet there.

Some festival has strict rules on bringing your own instruments. You need to check out the rules at first and then decide whether to take the instruments or not. Playing the instruments during the music session is not recommended anyway. So if you want to bring your instruments like guitar, flute, you should take permission from the authority and play them before or after the music session.

Chain wallets are banned on the summer festive due to some unwanted occurrence on last few years. So, you should not bring any chain type wallet or similar things to the party.
So, these are some important things which you should do and not do during the festive time.

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